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As a full service owner representative, we always uphold your best interests. Period. Our breadth of services include fee development, construction management, and environmentally-friendly land clearing (yes, we release the goats). Open Space differentiates itself in how it seamlessly manages contracts and ethically navigates each project with a distinct boundary, program, and value. 



Open Space TX offers comprehensive, turn-key services to manage and implement each phase of development, All details are meticulously handled. Open Space TX prepares and maintains the project schedule, reviews and approves all contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids, assures compliance with project budget, conducts field inspections of project progress, resolves design and construction problems, schedules and attends inspections, troubleshoots issues, and approves all change orders. In short, Open Space TX acts as the liaison to all parties involved in the construction.


Today’s organizations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance. Open Space TX’s Construction Management delivers on these goals through meticulous oversight and diligently holding the contractor accountable. Our role is not to construct the project, but rather to manage the construction of the project.



Large-scale development dramatically affects the land. But often times, there is a need to work at a finer grain that preserves the ecosystem and valuable tree canopy. Goats are the perfect solution. This option offers tremendous cost savings over traditional methods, it is eco-friendly and a general feel good for the community. Open Space TX is able to quickly mobilize herds of goats to clear land from half an acre to 200 acres. Goats work exceptionally well in eradicating invasive species, such as poison ivy. These herds are professionally and humanely managed by a dedicated team.   

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